Latest build (FF3 compatible):

Version 59b:   Install Now

Installation instructions: Choose to install the latest version, a bar will appear underneath the tab bar asking for permission to install. Select a button on the right side of this bar and select the Allow button. Then click install now and firefox will ask to proceed, choose install now. The extension window will popup. Now when it is done, exit all windows of firefox including the extension window.

If you find other bugs in this release, please report them. E-mail me here

Old version:

Version 46b:   Install Now | Get skin

The skin is optional, and is the design of Equinnox and includes a more appealing look and feel that alters the page colors and appearance. You must download the skin to your hardrive and then tell the extension where to find the file. To import the skin, select on the urban dead toolbar drop-down 'CSS override file'. If using the nightly build do not use that skin.

For those who care...

If you plan to use your own graphics, then you may use this template to help guide you.

The udtoolbar project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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